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Why Protecting Your Nest With Apartment Insurance Belongs on Your To-Do List

Posted on August 14, 2020

The New York rental market is experiencing a surge of activity. Here’s why you should put “getting apartment insurance” on your to-do list:

nyc renters insurance

You Need It
Increasingly, many New York landlords require that you have apartment insurance — you are not covered by simply signing a lease. And, even if they don’t, it’s a no brainer as you need to protect your assets.

nyc renters insurance

It’s Cheap
Starting at ~ $15 per month, apartment insurance is super cheap. That’s less than four gourmet cups of coffee per month.

nyc renters insurance

It’s Fast
Don’t bother with the 1-800 numbers out there. Gotham has a diligent staff of New Yorkers who know your neighborhood and will get you the proper quote in just a few minutes — customized to your specific needs.

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