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Wisdom for First-Time Renters, Movers and Buyers: Protect Your Stuff Once and For Always

Posted on April 15, 2019

Whether you’re renting for the first time, moving or buying, you need to protect your stuff. Here’s how:

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1. First-time renters

First-time renters rarely think about apartment insurance — and if they do, they often assume the landlord’s policy will cover them.

In fact, most damage from accidents in New York City — from broken pipes and overflows — are not covered by simply signing a lease. Protect yourself and your stuff — it’s cheap and only an email away.

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2. First-time movers

If you buy renters insurance, you only need do it once — most policies can be transferred within state if you move.

If you’re moving, make sure that your moving company is fully insured to cover any damage that might occur during the move. Those scratches on the hallway wall can be expensive.

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3. First-time buyers

When you submit your application to a co-op board or to a condo, they often want to see that you have an insurance policy — not just a quote, but actual proof of coverage. It comes up relatively early in the process.

If you’re buying in an older building, that means older pipes and roofs — more likely water damage. So you need the coverage in those buildings as you would in the newer ones.

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