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With Lockdown in Month 3, Frustration Abounds, But Let’s Look for Silver Linings

Posted on June 15, 2020

Going into month three of lockdown, we’re all looking for signs that the glass is half full — whether you have apartment insurance or not. Here are a few notes of optimism:

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1. Connecting With People: Thanks to Zoom and Facetime, people are rekindling relationships with friends and family that they’ve been too busy to maintain.

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2. Realizing Savings: We’ve learned to admit that our home coffee machines work just fine. Who needs to spend $5 at gourmet coffee shops multiple times a day?

nyc renters insurance

3. Home Sweet Home: While we are hunkering down, we’re cooking more, completing DIY projects, rediscovering hobbies and inventing new ones. Be careful though – we’re also all a little distracted and now is not the time to get hit with an uninsured loss. Make sure you have the best insurance for your current needs, whether you rent or own.

Gotham Brokerage has the best Yelp reviews of any New York City insurance company. If you are not insured, now’s a great time to fix that. (Another silver lining: Apartment insurance costs less than a cup of gourmet coffee a day).

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