5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Were Covered by Apartment Insurance


This article originally appeared on Brownstoner.

Given that October is the spookiest month of the year, we’ve conjured some scary situations to show how apartment insurance from Gotham Brokerage can help keep away the willies.

1. Your favorite red dress goes up in smoke at a late-night beach party bonfire.

Gotham Brokerage says: Clothing going up in flames, especially in cooler weather, can be particularly, err, chilling. The good news is that apartment insurance has you covered — with replacement cost coverage. It helps to have some documentation if the value of your wardrobe is high — and a credit card receipt, invoice, or digital photo.

2. You plow your bicycle into someone (by accident!) and get sued.

Gotham Brokerage says: This bone-cracking situation can be the most frightening of scenarios: Getting sued can cost you plenty. Don’t sweat the liability, though. With apartment insurance you’re covered up to $100,000. And increased coverage from Gotham Brokerage is inexpensive. (Running into someone intentionally is not covered!)

3. The airline has lost your luggage.

Gotham Brokerage says: Does anything put more of a chill in your spine than losing your entire wardrobe and valuable belongings? If your policy provides off-premises theft, then you’re covered. This is worthwhile if you travel a great deal or own expensive sporting or photo gear (for non-professional use).

Not especially worth it for just having your iPad swiped every few years.

4. A friend stops by to watch the game, has a few too many drinks, trips and breaks a tooth.

Gotham Brokerage says: October also means football season. And that’s scary for a host of other reasons, which usually include alcohol and roughhousing. For these scenarios you can make a voluntary payment for your friend’s medical expenses — usually up to $1,000, but higher limits are available.

5. The bath you’ve drawn up for yourself overflows into the apartment below.

Gotham Brokerage says: These overflows can trickle down the entire height of a building, ruining expensive renovation jobs, wardrobes and paintings — yikes! It’s actually a common scenario, and a reason to consider increasing your liability coverage.

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