Apartment Insurance Designed for You Is Best — Here’s Why

As the city continues to open up, New Yorkers are returning in greater numbers — a good time to start looking for apartment insurance that fits your needs. Here are some things to think about:

1. Know your limits: Getting your paperwork in order for banks, co-op or condo associations can be a stressful labyrinth. But Gotham has worked with them all, and can explain to you what limits are needed to satisfy their requirements for insurance.

2.  Moving target: You know what’s confusing and bewildering? Closing dates that inevitably get moved or postponed when buying a co-op or condo. Gotham is flexible enough to accommodate changing dates to make sure your insurance needs are met.

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3. Elbow room: After a year of being cooped up, many homeowners have been renovating their spaces to increase square footage and score some more elbow room. Gotham can advise you on how your renovation affects your coverage and offer pointers on how to document values.

Contact Gotham Brokerage. You’ll be in excellent hands — they are New York City’s No. 1 apartment insurance broker and have been at it for over 50 years.

And they can give you a free quote in minutes. Just fill out the quick form, give them a call at +1 (212) 406-7300 or shoot them an email at info@gothambrokerage.com.

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