Are You Buying Donuts or Apartment Insurance? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

When it comes to buying apartment insurance, does it pay to go with a local expert or a national brand name?

You tell us:

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1. Hmmm…who can you trust — a human or a chat bot?

Nothing against chat bots — how else would the national agencies dress up their automated customer service?

But when it comes to your most valued possessions, Gotham thinks the safest way to ensure you’re aware of every coverage possibility is to talk with a human.

At Gotham you’ll deal with a real person, via phone or email, who’ll give you a real quote — based on your needs.

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2. What do you prefer, a three-second quote — or a considered quote?

Some national agencies claim their bots can give a quote in three seconds.

That’s not nearly enough time to ask the right questions. Whether it’s rental, co-op or condo, Gotham knows your exact building and will quickly find your unique needs.

Remember, it’s not like making donuts: When it’s time to file a claim, the right policy — not the fast policy — always wins.

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3. Who can give you better piece of mind — an agent who doesn’t know the difference between Bensonhurst and Des Moines, or a New York City specialist?

Gotham’s been in New York since the 1970s, and understands the difference between a high rise on the Upper East Side and a brownstone in Bay Ridge, which can affect coverage limits, especially if repairs ever need to be made.

Contact Gotham today. We promise you won’t get donuts instead.

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