As Better Deals Become the New Normal, Apartment Insurance Offers More Than Protection

The pandemic and more favorable pricing is prompting New Yorkers to rent or buy apartments with more amenities like these:

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1. More indoor space

With many people working remotely, there’s greater demand for added space that can be used as a home office. Good news – the monitors, printers, and upgraded chair you bought? Apartment insurance has got you covered.

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2. More outdoor space

Elbow room is on the wish list for many cooped-up consumers — even a small terrace can help your sanity. And if you’ve got apartment insurance, coverage extends to the outdoor areas.

nyc renters

3. More privacy

In a time of social distancing, homes with a separate or ground-floor entrance are like finding nirvana. If you scored one of these rare gems, we’re jealous!

Remember, whatever your housing situation, apartment insurance is an important — and very affordable — way to get peace of mind.

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