As Your Lifestyle Changes, So Do Your Insurance Needs

You’ve been living in the city and now you’re setting down roots — you’ve “consciously coupled,” had a child, gotten a promotion or acquired more stuff.

Congrats! Your mother will finally believe you’re on your way — and it might impact your insurance. Here’s how:

condo and renters insurance nyc

1. You got married.
Did you know you can be added to your partner’s policy? Spouses and domestic partners are covered automatically– which is good news if your partner has better credit than you. There can be a 30 percent rate differential between a new policy issued under an excellent score versus a good/average score — and you can pick which score is used.

condo and renters insurance nyc

2. You’ve acquired more “stuff.”
After getting that promotion you most likely went out and bought more stuff — a new wide-screen HD TV or a cool piece of artwork. Make sure you add these items to your photo and/or receipt inventory — it makes filing a claim much easier if your stuff is stolen or damaged. Remember that some items like jewelry need separate insurance.

condo and renters insurance nyc

3. You’ve had a child — now their stuff is your stuff!
That crib, that rocking horse, those expensive baby shower gifts — they all should be added to the inventory. Children who live with you are covered automatically under your policy — at least until they get to their 20s.

If you have childcare help at home, that brings up additional issues about liability coverage and state mandated Workers Compensation and Statutory Disability insurance. Ask your broker!

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