As You’re Spring Cleaning, Make Sure You Are Covered

Here’s why renters insurance is a godsend — especially now.

nyc renters insurance

1. Staying in place: Because we’re spending more time in our homes, additional cleaning, tinkering and cooking may lead to damages that require filing a claim.

After all, the more time you spend in one place, the more likely something could happen — especially when using appliances.

But if you’ve already got apartment insurance, you’re ahead of the game. And if not, you’ve got plenty of time to talk to an insurance broker to get sorted out.

nyc renters insurance

2. Digital digest: If the need for a claim does occur and you have apartment insurance, you don’t have to worry about the current lockdown preventing an inspector from making a visit to assess damages.

That’s because with renters insurance, you only need to provide a digital inventory of your possessions so an insurance company can assess your claim.

nyc renters insurance

3. Leak proof: If you spring a leak or have an overflow, it can be more costly now than usual thanks to longer response times because of the COVID crisis.

But if you’ve got apartment insurance — you guessed it, you’re covered. And if you don’t, now’s the best time to get it.

Gotham has been helping New Yorkers find apartment insurance for over 50 years.

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