Bizarre Bathing Ban Lawsuit Shows Importance of NYC Insurance

NYC renter’s insurance might keep you out of hot water

Gotham Clawfoot_bathtub

When it comes to destroying New York, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has nothing on bathtubs. (Photo courtesy of Yannick Trottier, via Wikimedia Commons)

A British heiress has been sued by her downstairs neighbors, who want a court order to prevent her from taking a bath, according to the New York Post.

Say what?

Apparently, Daphne Guinness’ bathtub has repeatedly flooded the $12 million apartment beneath her, and her neighbors are furious.

Such are the hazards of living in New York City.

While fires and theft tend to capture the imagination when people are contemplating property insurance, those aren’t the leading cause of claims in NYC. Instead, the biggest dangers are leaky pipes and toilets.

Water damage can happen quickly and require costly repairs. Guinness can afford to write a check to cover her downstairs neighbors’ repairs, but you might not have such a robust bank account. Fortunately, you can get protection for cheap. Renter’s insurance policies cost as little as $10 to $20 a month and provide liability coverage for any damage if your tub accidentally overflows. The coverage will also help protect you from medical bills if someone injures herself in your apartment.

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