Can Apartment Insurance Really Give You Superhero Powers?

Apartment insurance is like having superpowers in the event of a catastrophe — even if you’re far, far away from home, which is now true for many New Yorkers who have left the city during the pandemic.

Here’s why you need insurance now more than ever.

gotham insurance

1. Burglaries: Since many building staffs have been reduced, there’s been an increase in apartment break-ins, and bicycle and package theft. Remedy: An Internet-connected monitoring device can be useful and you get a credit on your insurance.

gotham insurance

2. Overflow: Because of the many vacancies in the city, a running toilet in your apartment (or upstairs) that’s overflowing, even if it’s just a couple gallons a day, won’t be detected until it’s too late and there’s a lot of damage.

gotham insurance

3. Broken pipes: The largest insurance claims have typically been broken pipes. Now, because many apartments are unoccupied, no one is around to see the damage until it’s extensive.

Hopefully you’ll never experience such a catastrophe, and if you do, that’s the central theme of what Gotham does — they provide security and give you superhero power.

Contact Gotham Brokerage, a local, super service-oriented brokerage that will find the right apartment insurance to meet your needs. You’ll be in excellent hands – they are NYC’s No. 1 apartment insurance broker and have been at it for over 50 years.

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