Can Renters Insurance Protect Against Bears?

Man loses his iPad to a bear. Would renter’s insurance cover that loss?

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A brown bear enjoys a more bear-appropriate snack. (Photo courtesy of Alan Vernon, via Wikimedia Commons)

A fisherman in San Bernardino, Calif., recently had his iPad stolen by a bear. The bear stole the man’s granola bar, too — both items were in a backpack that the furry thief ferried into the woods.

A witness to the events told the New York Daily News that witnesses joked with the fisherman, telling him, “Good luck explaining that to the insurance company.”

Well, Mr. Fisherman, we might have some good news for you: If you have the right kind of property insurance, your iPad should be covered against theft outside the home. Even if the thief is a bear.

Property insurance doesn’t have to end at your doorstep. “Contents coverage” is standard with a policy and covers the value of items that are inside your home, but you can cover belongings that you frequently take with you by opting for a broader insurance policy. These are more expensive, so you’ll have to weigh the added price against your general fear of iPad nabbing bears. Are you paying attention, Stephen Colbert?

Of course, this kind of coverage will compensate you for more pedestrian losses, too, like if someone steals your laptop while you’re at a coffee shop or your phone while you’re on the subway.

It’s an added layer of security, which is what Gotham Brokerage is all about. We’ve been in business for 50 years and have seen just about everything over the years (although, to be honest, a New York City bear heist would be a first for us). We can help you find and quickly secure an insurance policy tailored to your needs and budget, whether you’re looking for renter’s insurance, condo insurance, co-op insurance, or homeowners’ insurance. Renter’s policies start at as little as $10 a month.

We work with multiple insurers to help you get a great policy, and our expertise means that you won’t have to fritter away days comparison shopping the hundreds of companies that offer NYC insurance. Let us do the heavy lifting. We can usually find an excellent policy in about 20 minutes.

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