The Dangers of Frozen Pipes, and How to Prevent Them

With Brooklyn temperatures this winter yo-yoing between a balmy three degrees above freezing and a record-setting two degrees (with a wind chill factor of roughly minus one million), it’s important to guard against frozen pipes in your home. If high winds, snow, or ice bring down a power line — or if a temperature fluctuation inspires someone to set your thermostat too low — pipes in your external walls can quickly freeze. If the pipe bursts, the water damage to your apartment and your belongings can be significant.

Gotham Brokerage Brooklyn burst pipesA little ice can do a lot of damage | Chris Sloan via Flickr

The best way to prevent burst pipes, obviously, is to keep your apartment heated, even if you’re going to be away. If you think the water in your pipes has become frozen, because the water out of the tap has slowed to a trickle or one of your radiators has stopped working, it’s best to call in a professional plumber. Keep your taps open a little to relieve the pressure from expanding ice. You can also try heating the pipes using hair dryers or electric heating pads — just nothing with open flames.

If the worst does happen, and you need to replace your belongings or make repairs to your floors, drywall, or baseboards, the right insurance should cover your damages. Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc., has over 50 years of experience making sure that New Yorkers have the insurance policies they need for the challenges they might face.

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