First Apartment Checklist: Renters Insurance

It’s finally happened. It’s time to leave the nest.

You are ready to be a grownup, with a genuine grownup apartment. You are striking out on your own and taking over the world! You’re not going to need help from anyone!


Don’t wake up to a grease fire | Thirteen of Clubs via Flickr

(Wait, I didn’t invite all of these people to this party. How do I put out a grease fire without waking up my roommate? I don’t think that graduation present from grandma is a strong enough table to support a keg!)

Two important words that will keep you from getting in debt with the Bank of Mom and Dad: renters insurance. If your belongings are damaged because of a broken pipe, theft or fire, the right policy can help replace them.

Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc. is an expert in the nuances of NYC apartment insurance. We work with you to figure out the policy that best fits your insurance needs. And renter’s insurance is probably the cheapest monthly payment that you’ll have living in NYC — basic replacement policy is less than $200 for the year. Best of all, the whole process takes only about 20 minutes, so you can get back to more important matters (like how to arrange all that new Ikea furniture).

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A version of this post originally appeared on Brooklyn Based, Brownstoner, and Greenpointers.

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