For New Co-op and Condo Buyers Looking for Elbow Room — Gotham Will Minimize Your Risk

New Yorkers looking for more elbow room have entered the co-op and condo market in droves, which puts home insurance needs top of mind. Here are some factors to consider to help de-stress the process:


1. March is a good time for new buyers to get ready to make offers and organize a team. Go with an insurance broker that knows New York City. Wherever you’re moving to, Gotham knows the neighborhood — making sure you’re getting the appropriate coverage.


2. Gotham takes the time to understand what makes your home unique by noting the special details — high-end appliances, unique moldings, an oversized claw-foot tub, etc. They’ll make sure you have the correct replacement cost should the unexpected occur.


3. Gotham is more personalized than a big-name national brand. They work with you to recommend the best policy, and it doesn’t cost any more than it would if you went direct — plus there’s always someone to talk to just a phone call away.

Contact Gotham Brokerage, a local, super service-oriented brokerage that will find the right apartment insurance to meet your needs. You’ll be in excellent hands — they are New York City’s number one apartment insurance broker and have been at it for over 50 years.

And they can give you a free quote in minutes. Just fill out the quick form, give them a call at +1 (212) 406-7300 or shoot them an email at

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