Got Kids or Pets? Here’s Why You Need Apartment Insurance

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Let’s face it — toddlers can be creative. They can come up with any number of ways to cause destruction in your apartment, co-op or condo. Pets too. And both can make you surprisingly vulnerable if you don’t have apartment insurance.

Here are some of the most common ways they can cause havoc.

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1. After the Flood

Toddlers find plenty of places to put their toys–the toilet being an all too common destination. This can cause an overflow, flooding your apartment as well as your neighbor’s downstairs, and putting a dampening effect on your budget for vacation this year.

Gotham says: Your policy covers your co-op or condo for water damage from overflows like this. And the liability portion of your apartment insurance would cover the damage your toddler caused to the apartment below you.

2. Fire in the Kitchen!

The kiddies wanted to surprise you with a breakfast in bed, but instead created a small fire in the kitchen. The result: waffles the color of coal–and damaged cabinets.

Gotham says: Apartment insurance will cover the damage to the interior structure of your apartment, especially if you live in a co-op or condo. You should verify the amount of coverage you have relative to the cost of repair or rebuild.

3. Dog Days

Your dog is usually friendly to everybody, but it only takes a split second for him to act out of character and take a bite out of someone. Without apartment insurance, you can expect a puncture wound in your wallet.

Gotham says: Most insurance policies, but not all, will cover you if you’re sued because your dog bites someone. For example, you are not eligible for coverage if you have a “bad reputation” breed like a pit bull.

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