Gotham Brokerage New York Can Help Protect Heirlooms

New York City insurance brokerage helps residents understand property insurance options

Expensive jewelry that is stolen of misplaced may not be fully covered by your standard insurance policy. (Photo by Mario Sarto, via Wikimedia Commons)

Most people have a few precious heirlooms that they would hate to ever lose: a grandmother’s diamond brooch, a father’s watch, a valuable necklace from a favorite aunt, the earrings that marked an anniversary. The items carry a lot of sentiment, to be sure, but that jewelry is also often among the most valuable possessions in a person’s home.

If you have a renters insurance, condo insurance or co-op insurance policy, you might assume that everything is covered as long as your coverage is set high enough. That’s not necessarily true.

Insurance policies set a coverage amount for personal property — $50,000, for instance. But when jewelry is stolen or misplaced, a standard insurance policy may not offer the coverage that you expect. Some standard renters and homeowner policies will only pay a maximum of $500 or less for a stolen item.

So how do you protect your precious heirlooms? With a rider on your policy.

If you have valuable jewelry or other items, consider adding to your policy a rider that provides full coverage for precious items. It will cost a little more money, but it can have a huge payoff if you lose a valuable piece of jewelry.

Arranging apartment insurance can be simple if you go to a brokerage New York residents have been using for decades to help them protect their possessions — Gotham Brokerage, a family-owned enterprise for a half-century and proud owner of a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we know which questions to ask to make sure our customers get proper coverage quickly. And since we deal with multiple insurers, we can steer them to the combination of policies that offers the best protection for the best price.

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