How a Savvy Apartment Insurance Broker Can Help You Avoid ‘Water Damage’


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In New York City or Northern New Jersey, we don’t always realize we’re actually living on low lying areas near the water. But insurance companies do.

That’s why, with coastal storms and shorter but nastier cold snaps occurring with greater frequency, it can be more complicated than you might expect to get apartment insurance.

Even if you are a mile away from water — Battery Park, Bay Ridge, Jersey City, Hoboken residents, that means you! — finding the right insurance can be tricky, as a basic policy might not be available.

Flooded Apartment

Of course, water damage from broken pipes or random storms — especially if you are in a basement or penthouse apartment — is common too.

That’s why it’s smart to work with a New York City expert who can advocate for you and recommend the best policy to meet your needs.

In business since the 1970s, Gotham Brokerage has seen it all — a lot of uninsured people have endured weather-related hardships in the last few months alone.

Gotham Brokerage won’t waste your time, and will tailor policies based on your needs — and pocketbook.

And do it now: the best time to get apartment insurance is while you’re still dry. Call for a free quote today.

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