How Apartment Insurance Can Make Your Summer Vacation Worry Free

The stress-reducing benefits of taking an annual vacation are clear. And knowing that your possessions are covered by apartment insurance reduces stress even more.

Before you leave, make sure you’ve completed your vacation checklist:

man and dog on a paddleboard

1. Unplug

Before you go away, it’s easy enough to adjust your AC (80 degrees is the recommended temp) and unplug your large devices.

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2. Take Inventory

Important to peace of mind is knowing your possessions are covered — even items you take with you. (Although it’s not an automatic with many policies, you can get coverage for your surfboard, bike and other items outside of the home.)

It’s true — a little knowledge goes a long way. You know who else is knowledgeable? Gotham Brokerage has been matching renters and owners with the right policies in New York for 50 years.

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3. Lock the windows and doors

Is there anything worse than coming home from vacation to find that someone broke in and stole your stuff? There is indeed — if you don’t have apartment insurance to protect yourself!

It’s cheaper than you think: About $10 to $15 a month for basic coverage and, with one-time payment and auto-renew, you can enjoy your vacation every year without worry.

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