How much to insure the NYC apartment of Mr. Big?

Sex and the City creator puts luxury unit up for sale


Sex and the City's creator has put his apartment for sale. (Photo courtesy of Alessandro Cai, via Wikimedia Commons)

The real Mr. Big is selling his apartment. Darren Star, who created Sex and the City, has put his 3,059-square-foot apartment in One Central Park West on the market.

So how much would it set you back to buy an apartment chic enough to impress Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda?

$15 million.

How much would it cost to insure an apartment like that?

NYC apartment insurance prices can vary wildly depending on the size of the apartment, your personal belongings, your liability coverage and whether you are a renter or owner.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Starr probably spent a whole lot more than the $10 to $20 per month many New York renters can expect to pay for insurance. Here’s why:

Unit insurance: If a renter’s apartment burns, that’s horrible, but after they get a check to replace their belongings, they simply move into a new unit. As an owner, Starr should be carrying a policy that would pay to rebuild the unit in the event of a disaster.

Really, really nice stuff: According to The New York Times, the apartment features furniture custom designed by renowned Los Angeles interior designer Waldo Fernandez. The interior is trimmed in marble and bronze and Venetian plaster. An insurance policy on a unit like this would have to be hefty in order to cover all of the luxury items. Obviously, the replacement cost is a lot lower if your most valuable possessions are an old MacBook and a Derek Jeter poster.

Liability insurance: Whether you’re a renter or owner, you ought to insist on a policy that offers adequate liability insurance. It covers medical expenses for people who injure themselves in your unit or for damage caused to another property (if, for instance, a leaky pipe destroys your downtown neighbor’s ceiling).

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