How Summer Storms and Vacations Can Put Your Stuff at Risk

August is not supposed to be a stress-inducing month, but it can be — especially if you don’t have apartment insurance. Here’s how to stay out of harm’s way:

man jumping off roap into a river

1. Batten down the hatches.

Fierce summer storm winds can harm the exterior of a building or break a window, and then hurl debris through that damaged wall or window. In fact, water damage to the interior of a co-op or condo is the most common claim of all.

Water damage can also occur from a slow overflow from your toilet tank that can turn into a big flood while you’re away on vacation.

So lock your windows, remove any potential projectiles from your terrace, and make sure your toilet tank is silent before leaving for vacation.

Damaged electrical socket

2. Fight the power: Use a surge protector.

Did you know most power surges originate from power being restored by the electric company after repairs have been made from storm damage?

Yeah, we didn’t either. But we do know you can protect your electronics by using a surge protector. Of course, another way to get protection is to get apartment insurance.
photo collage of valuables
3. Take inventory before vacation.

You likely have more “stuff” than you realize — the average person owns more than $20,000 in personal property.

So before you leave for vacation, conduct an inventory of your items by taking pictures or video. It’ll save you much grief when filing a claim if a burglar relieves you of your valuables.

And apartment insurance is cheaper than you think: With one-time payment and auto-renew, it costs about $10 to $15 a month for basic coverage, so you can enjoy your summer every year without worry by calling Gotham Brokerage for a free quote today.

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