How to Find Peace of Mind When Moving to a New Apartment

Moving can be a stressor. But here’s how you can pack up your belongings and prepare to move with a little more serenity.

A Treasure Chest

1. Make sure you apartment insurance policy is switched to your new location.

There’s no charge for an address change, but premiums might adjust up or down a bit depending on where you’ll be living. Jewelry insurance pricing does vary significantly by borough.

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2. Never hire a moving company that’s not insured, bonded and licensed per New York State’s requirements.

Certain insurance policies may cover moving-related breakage — although this is typically not the case, especially for china, glass and crystal. Also, verify if your policy covers theft that occurs outside your building.

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3. As you unpack in your new apartment, take pics of your valuables.

If you’re a first-timer in New York, this is a great way to start fresh with your inventory to make sure all your possessions are accounted for.

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