How Would ‘The Avengers’ Affect My Condo Insurance?

If giant fish creatures are attacking New York, you definitely want good condo insurance

Being a Manhattan insurance broker comes with a few occupational hazards. For instance, as much as I enjoy movies, it’s hard to watch aliens and superheroes lay waste to New York City without thinking about work.

I really enjoyed “The Avengers.” But I couldn’t help but keep a mental tally of the insurance claims that would result from an army of hostile, giant alien fish/spaceships tearing Manhattan to shreds.

Some other agents and brokers were obviously thinking the same thing as they squirmed in their stadium seating. The Kinetics Analysis Corporation in Maryland told The Hollywood Reporter that property and economic damage from an “Avengers”-caliber invasion would total a cool $160 billion.

Would insurers pay out after an alien invasion led by a Norse god? As the YouTube comedy video above points out, probably not. Most policies won’t cover force majeure (act of God) events.

Fortunately, not every cataclysm involves an act of God. Here are some of the other ways that Hollywood has run amok in the Big Apple, and the insurance implications:

• NYC: Tornado Terror: This 2008 film turns New York City into Tornado Alley. While it would definitely be scary, the wind coverage on most policies would cover the damage.

• The Day After Tomorrow: You would want to have a flood insurance policy to protect you against the gigantic tsunami. Standard renter and homeowner policies may cover a leaky pipe, but they won’t cover the cost of an angry Atlantic.

• I Am Legend: Assuming that you were not transformed by virus into a vampiric ghoul, you should be able to file a claim for property damage caused by the marauding hordes.

• Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: In this adaptation of a children’s book, damage from Flint Lockwood’s food-raining invention should be covered — but you might want to check your policy to make sure it would pay to replace your entire wardrobe in the event of a spaghetti tornado. Those marinara stains are NOT coming out.

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