Longtime, Local New York Insurance Brokers Can Make Owning, Renting Sweeter

Gotham Brokerage ranks among the most experienced, best New York insurance brokers

Brooklyn Apartments. Photo-Wikimedia Commons

New York City has property insurance issues no other city has. The expense alone of NYC apartments, co-op flats, condos and houses, and the high proportion of renters to homeowners, means people need New York insurance brokers who, like a native guide, know the terrain and can keep you out of the swamp.

Two things make experienced brokers especially valuable for people who need property insurance: They can save policyholders money and time.

For one thing, brokers — independent parties who can tailor policies from an assortment of firms — are a better value than agents, who are under contract with one insurer.

Second, between condo and co-op policies and apartment insurance and homeowners’ insurance, things can get complicated. Every type of policy is different. In the case of condo and co-op insurance, different buildings can have radically different coverage — meaning that what you need to cover on your own policy can change from building to building. You can read about some of the potential pitfalls here.

Experienced brokers can cut through the confusion to help make sure that you’re fully covered. But they also work to make sure that you don’t buy extra coverage that you don’t need — and that vigilance will save you money. Depending on the type of coverage you need, your policy could be as little as $10 to $20 a month. That’s pretty cheap for peace of mind.

Speed can be just as important as price. New York real estate is notorious for changing hands quickly, and the last thing you want is to see your dream apartment snatched up by someone else while you’re calling around trying to get insurance quotes.

Experienced brokers can help most people arrange coverage in as little as 20 minutes — and since most landlords now require tenants to carry renter’s insurance, that speed is key. You’ll probably need to have a policy lined up before you’ll be allowed to sign a lease, so the clock will be ticking.

In that kind of pressure-packed situation, an experienced brokerage can be invaluable — and Gotham Brokerage is a family-owned firm that’s helped generations of New Yorkers from the heart of Manhattan for more than 50 years. Half a century is enough time to have seen a lot of crazy situations, especially in a city of 8 million people. There’s no property insurance maze we can’t help you navigate.

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