New York City Is Bouncing Back, Affording Rare Luxuries — and Opportunities

It’s coming back. Those who fled the city are returning, and newbies are kicking the tires too. Here’s why:


1. Healthier city. New York City has been vaccinating residents with great efficiency, while maintaining protocols so people are comfortable. And with fewer tourists, New Yorkers are experiencing a rarity: a quieter, beautiful spring.

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2. Lower rents and home prices. With landlords and homeowners offering concessions and giving huge discounts — between 10 percent and 20 percent — now is the best time for first-time buyers and renters. You’ll need apartment insurance for sure, so make sure your broker understands New York City’s intricacies.

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3. Transformed neighborhoods. With outdoor dining expected to be the new standard, New Yorkers can give the stove a break — although many have also discovered the joy of cooking and staying in during the pandemic. With apartment insurance, appliances are covered if something goes wrong.

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4. Open streets. This is a great atmosphere for biking — did you know your bike can be covered by apartment insurance? It’s also been great for dogs, with plenty of dog parks too — and apartment insurance covers bites!

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