NYC Coop Insurance Will Not Leave You in the Cold When Space Heaters Go Awry

Not all New York insurance companies are created equal, but you can rely on Gotham Brokerage

New York City traffic, New York City winters and New York City coop insurance — three things you usually don’t think about until you have to. Unfortunately, the latter two often go hand in hand.

In the dead of winter, your apartment is freezing and your landlord isn’t exactly cranking up the heat. You’ve got to do something. Space heater, right? Seems like the obvious choice.

But have you checked the warnings on those things lately? Do not use within three feet of anything. Do not use at night. Unplug when you leave the room. Do not use in bathrooms. Keep away from pets, small children and the elderly. Do not use if temperatures dip below 65. Do not use in urban areas or any dwellings inhabited by people.

space heater

In all seriousness, though, with an estimated 25,000 fires a year started by space heaters, you need to be aware of the risks. It’s also a good time to figure out what your NYC coop policy does — and doesn’t — cover.

With Gotham Brokerage coop insurance, you know you’re covered in the event of accidental fire, whether a space heater or some other problem caused it. Our agents will respond quickly to assess the damage and resolve your claim.

Even a small fire that’s quickly contained can cause serious problems. Smoke and water damage can ruin clothing, furniture, electronics, photos and more. The incredibly strong smoke odor that permeates a home after a fire requires professional, specialized clean-up. Firefighters — heroes, to be sure, especially in this part of the country — have to drag heavy equipment through your home to extinguish the flames, and their heavy, wet boots grind serious stains into your rugs and carpeting.

That’s why you want a good coop insurance policy. It will ensure you can replace whatever you lose, have a place to stay while your home is being cleaned and restored and even get reimbursed for food you lose if the electrical system is damaged.

Don’t let some fly-by-night firm or a giant corporate monolith handle your insurance needs. Go with someone you can trust, someone who knows the Tristate insurance business inside and out. Gotham Brokerage has been serving people in this area for the past 50 years. Give us a call at [telnumlink]212-406-7300[/telnumlink] or fill out the form at right.

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