One Thing Not to Forget When You Go on Vacation


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There’s nothing worse than realizing, while you’re on vacation, that you might have forgotten something when you were leaving the house. Did you close the fridge? Lock the back door? Have someone pick up your mail?

Did you remember to sign up for apartment insurance?

Hopefully, you did lock your doors, and your windows, and you didn’t tell the world on Facebook and Twitter that you would be leaving for a week. (Burglars use Facebook, too.) But to really enjoy your vacation, you need the piece of mind that comes with knowing that all your belongings are covered should they be damaged by fire, flood, or theft.

When you start planning your vacation, line up a dog-sitter, book a hotel, and talk to Gotham Brokerage about apartment insurance, whether you need coverage, or need to update your current policy to cover newer purchases.

And here’s another vacation tip from Gotham: when you go on vacation take photos or videos of your valuables just in case you need to replace them. This goes for your belongings at home as well as those you’re taking with you — provided you have off-premise protection. (Gotham can help you with that, too.)

Gotham has over 50 years of experience helping New Yorkers find the policies that best fit their needs. A call to Gotham will set you up with the right insurance policy for you in a matter of minutes, for a lot less than you’re probably expecting.

For a worry-free summer vacation, get in touch with Gotham today.

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