What Is the Point of an Apartment Insurance Broker?

Apartment insurance policies can be like fingerprints: Different deductibles create different rates, and different values and types of property mean people have unique needs.

Sound confusing? It can be — unless you have an insurance broker on your side. Here’s how they can help navigate.

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1. Are you in an apartment with old oak floors and elaborate molding? Or a more contemporary place with custom cabinetry and recessed lighting? The apartment insurance policy you choose may not be best suited for your situation.

Gotham says: An insurance broker, one familiar with your local market, can sift through the various policies from multiple insurers and figure out which one suits your needs. For example, it’s important to know what local contractors cost, because repair costs vary — as do coverage limits. (So will what your contractor has to pay in parking; it varies with the neighborhood and you will be charged that, too.)

gotham brokerage new york apartment insurance

2. A broker knows when it comes to apartment insurance, requirements of local landlords, co-op boards and condo boards can vary.

Gotham says: Brokers can help translate between the building’s insurance, your proprietary lease or contract and your own exposure.

3. People from those 1-800 call centers are pleasant and all, but…

Gotham says: They don’t know Brooklyn — or Manhattan or Queens. And as apartment insurance requirements change, a local broker will know how banks are increasing their vigilance on coverage limits and certificate language. Or the extent to which co-op and condo boards are paying attention to coverage and implementing more stringent requirements.

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A version of this post originally appeared on Brownstoner.

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