Questions You’ve Never Thought to Ask About Apartment Insurance

Let Gotham show you how getting NYC apartment insurance is fast, friendly, affordable and easy.

It’s not unusual for new renters to forego buying apartment insurance. It’s only because they don’t know how much it costs, what it actually protects or who it covers.

Here are answers to questions that aren’t frequently asked:

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1. Is there any company that really knows New York City and can advocate for me when I need them?

Gotham has been in business since Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon were pals — in 1970, when the average rent in New York was $335 a month. That’s a long time, considering the average monthly rent is now $3,500 a month. (Apartment insurance was about $60 a year).


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2. Okay, I don’t have unlimited bucks. What can I do with my money instead?

At around $25 per month, it’s actually super-cheap. Let’s put it this way: for the same amount of money you could buy a round of drinks for the U.S. bobsled team. Face it: this will never happen, and besides, they finished ninth in the world finals last year.


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3. Can I actually speak to a real person? I’m getting so sick of bots.

Yes, Gotham has a diligent staff of people who will get you the proper quote in 15 minutes — customized to your specific needs.

A bot might be a tiny bit quicker (if you don’t have any questions). However, ordering a croissant sandwich at the donut shop is too. And that makes sense: buying the donut doesn’t protect your stuff from theft.


Navigating renters insurance in NYC takes a local expert.

4. Will having apartment insurance improve my chances of getting a ticket for Hamilton?

Uh, no. There is no policy that provides any contingency for Broadway tickets. But that would be nice.

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