Renters Insurance NYC 101: How Not To Get Robbed

Four ways to convince thieves to skip your apartment

How do burglars pick the homes that they target? The simple answer: Laziness. Burglars look for apartments that are easy to get into.


Most burglars don't really "break in" — they stroll right in thanks to unlocked doors, the NYPD says.

Gotham Brokerage can help you examine potential renter’s insurance policies to make sure that your jewelry or electronics are covered in the event of a burglary. Renter’s insurance can be quite cheap — as little as $10 a month.

But we’d rather you not get burglarized in the first place. Here are four ways to make your apartment an unattractive target.

1. Lock your doors: Yes, it’s obvious, but the majority of burglaries don’t involve forced entry or master lock-pickers — they involve thieves who notice an open window, or who jiggle doorknobs until they find an open apartment. Use your deadbolt.

2. Be careful about open windows: The NYPD’s Crime Prevention Section says that — no matter how good the night breeze feels — you shouldn’t leave your windows open if you live within 18 feet of the ground or if there is a fire escape near the window. You can add even more security by purchasing a gates for windows near fire escapes, but you should only use those that have been approved by the NYFD, which are easy to open from the inside in the event of a fire. Basement windows should have gates, too. NYPD warns: “Do not assume that the basement windows are too small for entry. They are, in fact, one of the most popular points of entry for a burglar.”

3. Keep track of your keys: Don’t hand them out to workers who need access to your apartment — whether for maintenance or for pet care. Also, don’t leave your keys lying around when other people are at your apartment — where they can be snagged and copied.

4. Take advantage of a free inspection: The NYPD’s Crime Prevention Section will actually send an officer to your house to give you anti-burglary tips. All you have to do is ask. You can find your precinct and the right phone number to call here.

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