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Renters Insurance

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Inside a New York apartment

Photo courtesy of Adam Sofen

Yes, renters – and their roommates need apartment insurance – even if your landlord doesn’t require it (although most do).

New York City is a complex place when shopping for renters insurance, and it pays to have a good insurance broker who understands the city’s unique insurance issues. The apartment’s type and its zip code can have an impact on what type of policy you need and what your policy costs.

Gotham Brokerage is NYC’s #1 insurance brokerage. We’ll treat your renters insurance needs with the same attention we pay to luxury condos on Park Avenue.

Best of all, our policies are much more affordable than you might realize.

Gotham’s average annual policies range from $125 – $160 a year for a basic renters insurance policy.*

You will get replacement cost coverage for household goods and personal property plus protection in ways you may not have known were possible, including:

And later, as you accumulate assets, your needs change or you upgrade to apartment ownership, we will adjust your policy to make sure you have adequate coverage. We also cover homeowners in 15 states, including NY, NJ, CT and PA, as well as auto insurance.