Save Yourself From Peril — By Working With a Local Apartment Insurance Broker, Not a Bot

Here’s when working with a local broker matters:

condo and co-op insurance Gotham brokerage

1. If your building is old, your apartment is threatened by old pipes as well as by your renovating neighbors. Or, a GC’s work next door might inadvertently leave you with a bedroom waterfall.

You may not think about insuring for this, but Gotham will.

condo and co-op insurance

2. Hear about the recent water main bursts on the Upper West Side? Disgusting, right? Think about those poor people who were uprooted. Loss of Use coverage pays for a hotel while your home is being repaired after a disaster.

Sometimes coverage applies for this situation, but sometimes it does not. Gotham can make coverage suggestions that can help.

condo and co-op insurance

3. Policies can feel like a confusing jumbo of “back up” and “perils” that trigger coverage.

Bots can’t explain them, but Gotham can help you pick the coverages that will accommodate a nasty situation — or help you take steps to protect property in advance of an incident.

Gotham Brokerage, New York City’s No. 1 apartment insurance broker (based on Yelp reviews), has been providing exceptional service to New Yorkers for over 50 years.

Just fill out the quick form, give them a call at +1 (212) 406-7300 or shoot them an email at

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