Some things in NYC are still fast (like getting apartment insurance)

Wait for an NYC pie or get your apartment insured | m01229 via Flickr

Wait for an NYC pie or get your apartment insured

New Yorkers walk fast, talk fast, and do business faster than anyone else in the world. Which is why it’s so frustrating that everything in New York seems to takes longer than it should — whether it’s your commute, getting approval from your co-op board, or the line at Starbucks. For example:

— Average travel time from Midtown to JFK: 90 minutes

— Wait for a pie at Di Fara pizza: Up to one hour

— Average wait for cable guy: $#%& @#$

Fortunately, you can get some things checked off your to-do list in no time at all, like getting apartment insurance through Gotham Brokerage. We can line up insurance for you in as little as 20 minutes.

Gotham Brokerage is a New York-based, family-owned company, and we know NYC apartment owner and renter needs better than anybody else. This means we can quickly determine the right kind of plan and coverage. If you’ve been meaning to get your apartment insured, but thought you didn’t have the time — you probably have 20 minutes, right?

It’s nice to know that sometimes things in New York can be easy, affordable, and fast.

Photo Courtesy of m01229 via Flickr.
A version of this post originally appeared on Brokelyn and Bowery Boogie.

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