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Spring Cleaning Should Include a Home Inventory for Your NYC Condo Insurance

Posted on May 15, 2013

NYC condo insurance claims process easier with photos of everything

Photo by Thomas R. Stegelmann / Flickr Creative Commons

As you usher in spring with a baseboard-to-ceiling cleaning, there is no better time to take a room-by-room inventory to make sure your biggest investment is adequately covered by your NYC condo insurance. And of course, the same advice holds true for coop and renters insurance, too.

You’d be surprised by how much money you’ve invested into everything in your home, from area rugs and light fixtures to handbags and shoes. And if you don’t have a record of everything you own, in the event of an insured loss such as a fire, you could miss out on making a complete claim and recouping all of your losses.

It’s probably not all that difficult, even in a time of crisis, to remember that you just lost your Italian leather sofa or your antique armoire. But the cost to replace all the little things can add up quickly as well.

Taking a room-by-room inventory is as simple as getting out your digital camera or your iPhone. Take a picture of your apartment overall, as well as taking photos of each room and any items of special value. Store your photos in the cloud — there are lots of online photo databases available — so they’ll be readily available in any emergency no matter where you are.

Some people like to go the extra mile with a written list of their belongings, detailing such things as brands and serial numbers. This may be more helpful for a police report, and in determining replacement value of items.

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