The Lazy Days of Summer Might Be Over, But You Can Still Relax by Taking These 3 Simple Steps

Before long, the cold weather is going to set in. So here’s a friendly reminder to review your insurance coverage. Whether you’re renting or you own a co-op or condo, you can relax by knowing you are covered. Here’s how:

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1. Take inventory. 

So the last time you assessed everything you own was during the Obama administration? It’s a good idea to go through your home and video all of your stuff —  you’ll need proof of ownership if a claim ever arises.

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2. Check your apartment insurance policy.

Maybe your inventory check reveals you’ve recently acquired fine art, new electronics, expensive jewelry or have done a renovation? Double check your apartment insurance policy covers them. If not, contact your broker…or reach out to Gotham Brokerage.

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3. Wait, what…still no clue?

No worries, contact Gotham for an evaluation, and if they can service you better than your current provider, they’ll let you know. Generally they can because they are born and bred in NYC — and you know how New Yorkers roll.

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