Thanksgiving: A Time to Give Thanks — For Buying Apartment Insurance

When Abraham Lincoln first declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863, he didn’t anticipate a need for apartment insurance.

That’s because Honest Abe didn’t foresee these holiday disasters:

variety of pies on a table

1. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest day of the year for those in the plumbing trade, according to a well-known national plumbing and drain service.

But don’t worry, with apartment insurance, if your overwhelmed plumbing floods your downstairs neighbor’s room, you’re covered for the damages.

Flooded Apartment

2. Light My Fire

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of house fires start in the kitchen? And they happen twice as often on Thanksgiving?

An alarming stat, but not to worry if you’ve got apartment insurance. If you’re at fault and leave the oven on too long and a fire results, those damages are covered.

grease fire

3. Leaving on a Jet Plane

If you’re like 60 percent of the country, you’re shoving off for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Lock the doors and windows, install a timer for your lights so it looks like you’re home — and don’t post your plans on Facebook!

Or better yet — even if you forget to lock you door or window and your home is burglarized — theft is covered with apartment insurance.

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