The Market (and Life) Is Coming Back – Both for Buyers and Renters

Spring of 2021 will be unlike any other, with a spirit of rebirth and renewal. Gotham is right there with you, ready to help.

apartment insurance

New Home
There’s no difference in cost and coverage between a co-op and a condo, but the requirements of co-op boards and condo boards can vary. A broker with local knowledge can help translate.

apartment insurance

New Move
Moving is the ideal time to take inventory and figure out what you own and how much it’s worth — and how not to overpay for apartment insurance. Gotham Brokerage can help with that.

apartment insurance

New Rental
First-time renters rarely think about apartment insurance — and if they do, they often assume the landlord’s policy will cover them.

In fact, most damage from accidents in New York City — including from broken pipes and overflows — are not covered by simply signing a lease. Protect yourself and your stuff — it’s cheap and only an email away.

apartment insurance

New Renovation
Issues can arise where extensive renovation work voids an existing policy — depending on how long the work takes, how extensive the job, and whether you are in residence while work is ongoing. Gotham can help find a policy that’ll protect the investment you’ve made.

apartment insurance

New Roommate
Anyone outside of your immediate family — such as cousins, roommates, and that friend who slept on the couch a few months ago and hasn’t left — should get their own policy.

Bottom line: You shouldn’t share apartment insurance with someone you don’t know well — and trust.

Get into the spirit of renewal and contact Gotham Brokerage. You’ll be in excellent hands — they are New York City’s No. 1 apartment insurance broker and have been at it for over 50 years.

And they can give you a free quote in minutes. Just fill out the quick form, give them a call at +1 (212) 406-7300 or shoot them an email at

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