Three-Step Guide to Pain-Free Renting

Whoever coined the phrase “New York minute” was likely referring to the amount of time it takes for an available apartment to get snatched up.

Here are three steps you can take to make sure you close the deal.

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1. Provide Rental History.

Several online services make it easy to access your tenant history. But, like credit reports, you never know if it’s accurate. That’s why you should check it out before even thinking about apartment insurance, so you can rectify any discrepancies.

2. Call an Expert.

Now that your rental history is clear, and you’ve got your eye on that rental apartment, now’s the time to call Gotham Brokerage. Since the 1970s, Gotham has been matching apartment dwellers with proper policies, so they know the neighborhood — and probably the building — you’re moving into.

Quicker than it takes a zamboni to clean an ice rink, they can have a price quote emailed to you.

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3. Bring the Proof of Insurance to Seal the Deal.

Landlords are increasingly requiring tenants to take out an insurance policy as a condition of a lease — with coverage starting a week before lease begins. You’ll also need insurance if you’re buying a co-op or condo.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being at a closing table and realizing you forgot apartment insurance, or losing your chance to rent an apartment because the landlord saw a blemish on your rental report.

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