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Try These 3 Easy-to-Keep New Year’s Resolutions From Gotham Brokerage

Posted on January 8, 2018

We all know New Year’s resolutions have expiration dates — only 8 percent of them are kept. But if you’ve already got apartment insurance, then that’s a heap of anxieties that have been relieved, right?

Well, maybe not. We thought we’d make your selection of 2018 new year’s resolutions a bit easier:

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Resolution #1: Make sure your policy has adequate liability coverage

$100,000 is a typical starter amount for liability coverage. That might cover one of your downstairs neighbor’s Keith Haring paintings that your overflowing tub destroyed. You can easily increase it to $1 million for less than $200 a year. That’ll cover many a Warhol print.

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Resolution #2: Opt for the replacement cost instead of actual cash value.

Most policies specify that personal property losses are to be settled at the actual cash value of the item — meaning you’re reimbursed only for the amount of the item minus depreciation. That’s bad, because you can’t buy anything new with a check that’s pegged to the value of something a few years old.

Replacement cost coverage will assure the replacement item is in similar condition to the one you lost. You now have a television of equal value — same size, same quality.

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Resolution #3: If you don’t have apartment insurance, then buy apartment insurance!

Quitting bonbons is tough (the most common resolution is “to eat more healthy”), apartment insurance is easy — especially when you can protect all your new holiday electronics and gadgets for a small amount of money. And all that new gear you’re taking on that ski trip this winter? That’ll be covered too.

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