What Are the Best New York City Insurance Agencies?

Gotham Brokerage has been helping find insurance for 50 years

Brooklyn apartments, circa the 1970s. At this point, Gotham Brokerage has already been in business for many years. Photo courtesy of U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, via Wikimedia Commons.

When people are comparison shopping for property insurance, many want to know: What are the best New York City insurance agencies?

Most folks start by comparing prices. Gotham Brokerage isn’t shy about the fact that we can save people money. A renters insurance policy often costs just 30 to 60 cents a day — far less than the cost of a street vendor hot dog.

But price isn’t all that matters. Getting a policy that meets your needs is critical.

Having an agent that pays attention to your needs can make all the difference.

Gotham Brokerage has been helping New Yorkers for more than 50 years — we know that price matters, but we also know that if customers ever need help, the details of the policy will be important and they will want an agent who is an advocate for making them financially whole.

“Our job doesn’t end when you sign your policy,” said Gotham Brokerage President Jeff Schneider. “That’s not even when our job begins. It starts by listening to you to make sure we can get you the policy that you need at the best possible price. Obviously, being hired is nice, but the satisfaction doesn’t come from taking in checks — it comes from handing them out when it really makes a difference.

“I think we’ve done well for decades because we truly love helping people put their lives back together. It’s also nice when you’ve had the same client for several years and they come back to see you because their family has grown or they’ve gotten a bigger apartment or bought a home.”

Gotham’s emphasis on customer service, and its interest in its customers lives and wellbeing, has helped the company earn stellar reviews on Yelp and from the Better Business Bureau, which gives Gotham an A+ rating.

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