What Else Can Go Wrong This Summer? See How Apartment Insurance Has You Covered

Summer is typically fun and games — especially if you have apartment insurance.

Without it, things can get heated real quick, and neighbors can get hot under the collar. Here’s why:


man cooling off in a kiddie pool

1. Air Conditioning.
You’ve been running the AC for one week straight and it led to a disaster. How? The water drain or line got clogged, a puddle formed, your floors buckled and it seeped downstairs to your neighbor’s apartment and ruined the paintings on his wall.

But you’ve got apartment insurance, which covers his damage, so all is still cool.

Damaged electrical socket

2. Wide-Screen TV and Other Devices Do a Big Fail.
Power surges after a blackout or brownout are the most common cause of electronic devices failing.

If you don’t have a surge protector, get one. If you don’t have apartment insurance….well, you know what you need to do.

Flooded Apartment

3. Danger From Terraces and Toilets.
Check to make sure the drains in your outdoor terrace are clean. A common claim is the result of water overflowing from a clogged drain into your apartment.

Also, before you leave town for a getaway, check to make sure there are no running toilets or a washing machine hose about to burst. Most disasters occur when an owner or renter is somewhere other than home.

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