When a Seasoned Insurance Broker’s Got Your Back, There Are No Surprises

Have you thought lately about the value of a personal connection? If you buy apartment insurance from Gotham, they’ll advise you about potential scenarios that might void your policy — things you might not think of yourself.

Like these:

1. Extensive renovations
If the cost of your kitchen renovation in your unit exceeds 10 percent of your apartment insurance limit, and you don’t give your insurance company a heads-up before you begin, your coverage could be voided — costing you even more money if damages occur.

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2. Subletting
You’re skipping town to work in Dallas for a year, but what New Yorker wants to go apartment hunting when they return? Contact your insurance agent to let them know your residence is changing and they’ll tell you what options are available — otherwise, possessions and personal liability are no longer covered.

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3. Failure to maintain heat
When there’s a deep freeze on the way, you can avoid busted pipes and leaks, and having to file a claim. Maintain heat, Gotham will tell you, but a bit higher than you would think. If part of your residence has badly insulated exterior walls, go higher than 60 degrees — try 65, run a steady tap in your sink, and open closets and cabinets to let air circulate.

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