Where To Find Renter’s Insurance Brooklyn Residents Have Been Able to Rely On For 50 Years

New York insurance broker Gotham Brokerage has been helping New Yorkers for five decadesFinding renter’s insurance Brooklyn residents can rely on can be a tedious task. There are hundreds of insurers serving the Big Apple, and policy prices can be all over the map.How do you wade through the options?Get help from an expert. New York insurance brokers like Gotham Brokerage make it easy to get good coverage by working with multiple insurers in order to deliver affordable and comprehensive coverage for as little as $10 to $20 a month.

Gunsmoke Still on TV screen

“A good NYC insurance broker? Head that way down Maiden Lane.” When Gotham Brokerage started in 1962, “Gunsmoke” was one of the top shows on TV. (CBS photo)

Family-owned Gotham has been helping New Yorkers find insurance for a long, long time. When we started, John F. Kennedy was president, Wilt Chamberlain had just played his famous 100-point game, and the three top shows on television were all Westerns (Wagon Train, Bonanza and Gunsmoke).

The Incredible Hulk, the NYC superhero du jour, was … well … green. He made his debut about the same time that we did.

The last 50 years have gone well for both of us. Hulk continues to smash things, and we continue to make sure New Yorkers have the insurance they’ll need to clean up the mess. Gotham Brokerage has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and glowing Yelp reviews, which reflect our commitment to delivering the right insurance at the right price.

Five decades of experience have given us a commanding knowledge of the intricacies of the New York insurance market. In a city dominated by apartments, condos and co-ops, insurance rules can get a little tricky. That’s why it’s important to do business with a company that understands which questions to ask so that you can have comprehensive coverage without paying for unnecessary add-ons.

We listen carefully to our customers, guide them through their options, help them get a policy quickly, then settle in for the long haul: If you ever need to call on us for help with a claim, we’re there.

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