Which of These Disastrous Scenarios is Covered by Your Apartment Insurance?

Apartment insurance protects you from liability when a pipe bursts or a weather event causes damage to your home. But that’s not all.

Try to figure out if the following scenarios are covered (answers are at the bottom).

grease fire

1. Your microwave popcorn fire spreads and the homeowner above you suffers burns. Your policy covers his expenses. True or false?

2. Your plumbing overflow causes a mold condition in the apartment below which triggers their child’s asthma condition. Any hospital bills would be covered. True or false?

flooded living room

3. You accidentally run your bicycle into someone on the street and cause them an injury. You get a bill for their medical expenses and your policy picks it up. True or false?

bicycle with square wheels

4. At the gym, you accidentally kick out the tooth of the person exercising beside you. Dental bills are covered by your apartment insurance. True or false?

5. Your dog bites someone and they require medical assistance — or plastic surgery. Not a problem, because your apartment insurance covers the bills. True or false?

dog with cookie in his mouth

6. A text you posted on a group chat turns out to be libelous towards a third party and they sue you. Lawyers fees and settlement will be covered by your policy. True or false?


1. True
2. True
3. True
4. True
5. True
6. Possibly. Not every policy covers this, and it does not apply for a business-related situation.

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