Why Springtime Is Prime Time to Take Stock of Your Possessions and Your Apartment Insurance

Springtime means April showers, which bring May flowers, sure — but now is the time to evaluate your possessions and make sure you’re protected throughout the year.

Here are some spring cleaning tips:

man cleaning up

1. Time to clean the fridge.

Did you know? If food has gone bad because of a mechanical or power failure in your fridge, you can be reimbursed for $500 or more through your apartment insurance.

That’s a lot of ramen.


2. Make sure your surge protector is working.

Did you know? An “increase or decrease of artificially generated electrical current” that damages your appliances gets special coverage in your apartment insurance policy.

We’re not shocked — are you?

3. Secure those hoses…those cheaper rubber ones will eventually burst.

Did you know? Luckily your apartment insurance covers overflows from washers and water damage from broken hoses.

We call that clean living.

man taking an image

4. Photograph everything.

Did you know? Since last spring you’ve undoubtedly acquired more things. Now is the time to go through them, make sure you have the receipt or proof of purchase.

And then snap away.

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