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With Kids (and Pets) Home This Fall, Apartment Insurance Is More Crucial Than Ever

Posted on September 4, 2020

Back to school is not really back to school this year, and with the kids — and your pets — likely staying home, at least part-time, apartment insurance is more crucial than ever.


Kids and pets will find plenty of ways to create havoc.


1. You’re doing a science experiment with your kids and you accidentally start a fire in the kitchen.

Apartment insurance will cover the damage to the interior structure of your apartment — but verify the amount of coverage you have relative to the cost of repair.

nyc renters insurance

2. You’re running a bath and need to break up a fight — and realize later that you forgot about the tub and now you have a flood.

You’re covered for water damage from overflows like this. And the liability portion will cover damage caused to your neighbor’s apartment below you.

NYC renters insurance

3. Pent-up pets can be aggressive and take a bite out of your neighbor.

Most insurance policies will cover you if you’re sued because your dog bites someone (though not if you have a “bad reputation” breed like a pit bull.)

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