Your cable/internet costs about 12 times as much as insuring all your stuff

Casey Fleser via Flickr

Casey Fleser via Flickr

New York City is expensive, we know. You save your money for important things, like paying off your student loans, and beer, and cable. You don’t have time or money to think about something like renter’s insurance.

That’s where you’re wrong. Renter’s insurance from Gotham Brokerage is more affordable than most of your other expenses. For example, that cable/Internet bill you get every month? That’s about the same as what you would pay for renter’s insurance from Gotham for the whole year. And that’s without the premium channels! So you can’t watch Game of Thrones and everything you own is uninsured. What if your apartment is attacked by dragons or ice zombies? Or, more realistically, water damage?

Renter’s insurance at Gotham starts at $125 for the year, and covers you against theft (imagine if your laptop got stolen!), property damage (imagine if your upstairs neighbor’s bathroom flooded and destroyed your furniture!), and accidents in your apartment (what if your idiot friend Mike tripped over your dog and broke his wrist?). It’s also super-easy to get started, and the peace of mind you’ll feel for the rest of the year is more than worth the cost of one cable bill. Besides, didn’t you say you wanted to read more?

A version of this post originally appeared on Brokelyn and Untapped Cities.

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