Remember These 3 Things and Enjoy Your Weekend Getaway


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How can you improve your sleep and manage stress levels better? Take a weekend getaway, according to Nuffield Health, a U.K.-based healthcare charity. And we all know the best weekend getaway is one that doesn’t end with a dollop of bad news.

Before you leave, don’t forget these three things and you’re on your way to weekend bliss:

1. Close the windows.


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It’s the first question you ask yourself once in the car or train to your getaway: “Did I close that window?” There’s nothing worse than that “Where’s all my stuff?” moment when returning from a weekend away to a cleaned-out apartment. Or maybe there is something worse: not realizing that it would have only cost about $12 a month to set up a Basic Replacement Cost policy with Gotham Brokerage.

2. Don’t ignore that sudden leak.


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That sudden leak you intended to notify your building’s super about as soon as you returned from your weekend? The picture above is worth 1,000 words — most of them angry words from your neighbors.

3. Unplug the air conditioner.


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So you don’t regularly adjust your air conditioner thermostat to 85 degrees when you leave the house? That’s what the EPA recommends. But why quibble about numbers? It’s really just easier to unplug. If not, that could mean a fire, with smoke and water damage — nearly 2,300 residential fires are caused by air conditioners every year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration — and a wish that you had called Gotham Brokerage to protect your belongings.

A weekend getaway can be that much better when you have the peace of mind that comes with renter’s insurance. That’s why the most essential thing to do before you leave is to make sure your belongings are covered in the event of fire, theft or flood. Spend a few minutes to submit a request online with Gotham Brokerage.

For more than five decades, Gotham has been helping New Yorkers fit their insurance needs to their lifestyles. Nobody knows the market better. Gotham’s professionals help guide customers through the process of determining how much insurance they need, without overpaying, which leaves you even more time to plan the best weekend getaway ever.

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